Welcome to the Philippine Innovation Hub, where creativity shapes the future. Our hub is a vibrant center for innovation, collaboration, and progress in this dynamic archipelago. We unlock Filipino talent, where ideas take flight, dreams become reality, and innovation knows no bounds!

Our Vision

Create a physical and virtual space that will consist of a community of innovators that will collate and create breakthrough ideas and solutions, to improve a process, a business, or a model to provide resources and research support

About Us

The Philippine Innovation Hub represents a pivotal advancement in the National Development Company (NDC) mission to encourage greater engagement and cooperation with the startup community. This initiative plays a crucial role in facilitating the convergence of government entities and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Functioning as a centralized platform, the iHub serves as a venue where startups, entrepreneurs, government officials, and key stakeholders come together to exchange ideas, collaborate on shared goals, and nurture an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, it serves as a vital facilitator for knowledge sharing, capacity building, and provision of access to essential resources for startups.

Through dedicated programs, services, and networking opportunities, the government extends support and guidance to entrepreneurs, assisting them in overcoming obstacles, expanding their enterprises, and establishing connections with potential investors, consumers, and partners. In essence, the iHub embodies a concerted effort to foster a thriving ecosystem that fuels industry growth.


The establishment of the Philippine Innovation Hub is firmly grounded in the vision of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) to propel innovation, aligning with the objectives delineated in Republic Act No. 11293, specifically in sections 13 and 25 that underscore the significance of Innovation Alliances. These statutory provisions accentuate the government's dedication to collaborative endeavors with academia and the private sector, with the explicit goal of fostering and nurturing innovation initiatives.

Recognizing the vital role that startups play in driving innovation, the NDC embarked on a journey to promote and empower startups, cultivating innovative ideas and facilitating global connectivity. This vision crystallized with the creation of the Philippine Innovation Hub, a purpose-built platform designed to address the unique challenges faced by startups and to provide them with the resources and support necessary to thrive in the global startup community.

Body Building

iHub: A Story

Shaping the future to creativity and innovation

In the heart of Makati, where skyscrapers pierce the sky and ambition vibrates through the streets, there stood a haven of dreams – The Philippine Innovation Hub. It is a sanctuary for startups, entrepreneurs, government officials, and key stakeholders who collaborate to share ideas and knowledge. It wasn't just a simple co-working place; it was a place of hope, constructed not steel and concrete but of dreams and collaboration. It's a place where a variety of skills converge to produce something extraordinary, something that has the potential to transform the entire world.

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Our Team

Joyce Ann S. Azurin

Chief of Staff

Jerahmeel Chen

Chief Innovation Officer

Nica S. Palad

Administrative Officer

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